Your Brilliant Brain.

You think you know your brain by now, right? That fine mess between your ears that’s always getting distracted, struggling to remember those terrible times tables, and thinking about lunch …

Mmmm, soup.

Take a peek behind your eyes and discover the bits of the brain that help you read these words, the parts that remember your friends’ faces, and why brainfreeze hurts so, so much!

Your Brilliant Brain – the book, not your actual brain – takes a playful poke around the most marvellous, mysterious thing in the known universe. Find out what your brain and nervous system are made from. Explore your senses; how you learn; think; remember; feel … and how your brain creates the thing you experience as reality.

Your Brilliant Brain was created in consultation with – and with special thanks to – Dr Oscar Murphy, registered Clinical Neuropsychologist and Senior Clinical Research Fellow within the Cognitive Disorders Therapy Development team at the Bionics Institute.

Your Brilliant Brain is published in Australia by Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing (Apr 2024).

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