The world’s most wonderful pointless animals.

We are lucky enough to share our planet with some truly weird, wild and wonderful creatures.

Every animal on our planet – from aardvarks to zooplankton – has perfectly adapted over generations, to survive and ultimately thrive in its own unique environment. Each one is a perfect illustration of Darwinian evolution, and each creature has their own unique ecological role to play on our precious planet.

But then, there are a few that just seem to be pretty, well, pointless…

Did you know sloths can’t fart, and only poop once a week? Or that parrotfish eat coral? Why?! Capuchin monkeys habitually pee on their own hands! Gross. Did you know that jellyfish have no heart, brain, bones, and should not be eaten with custard? Or that giraffes only sleep for half an hour each night (that’s how long it takes them to get their head down). Oh, and groundhogs make for terrible meteorologists.

The World’s Most Pointless Animals is a fact-filled – yet slightly irreverent – compendium of some of Mother Nature’s most absurd animals, created in celebration of diversity, difference, and fun.

The World’s Most Pointless Animals is published in the UK, USA and Canada by Quarto, and in Australia by Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing (July 2021).

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