The world’s most fearsome atrocious animals.

A great man once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”… just before he was eaten by a bear.

Many creatures in the animal kingdom come packing a pretty fearsome atrocious reputation, but do they really deserve it? Meet real-world vampires, devils, dragons, giants and monsters. Learn which creature creates its own electricity, and discover a stone you (really, really) don’t want to step on!

The World’s Most Atrocious Animals is published in the UK, USA and Canada by Quarto (July 2023), and in Australia by Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing (July 2023).

The World’s Most Atrocious Animals was listed as a Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable in 2024.

The World’s Most Pointless Animals (2021) and The World’s Most Ridiculous Animals (2022) are also available.

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