The Wild Life.

A Berry Long Walk.

Wombat won’t leave his Safety Zone. Nope. No way! Not even for his favourite treat – sweet, sweet bush berries.

But Roo believes she can do anything if she puts her mind to it. Especially tracking down some delicious berries for dinner. Even if those berries do happen to be growing at the very top of a massive mountain…

About The Wild Life.

The Wild Life is a new series of chapter books for picture book aficionados.

We Buntings love picture books (everyone knows that!), our only quibble is that they’re often over way too soon. Our aim for the Wild Life series was to apply picture book principles (E.g. fewer words, full illustrations, fun!) to a long-format children’s book. The result is a berry long picture book! Set out over eight chapters and a whopping 160 pages, The Berry Long Walk is a story for any picture book purists ready to take a step up.

The Wild Life: A Berry Long Walk is written by my better half Laura Bunting, and is published in Australia by Scholastic (May 2022). The second book in the Wild Life series is due for publication in September 2022.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Meet the author.

My better half, Laura Bunting, is a children’s author, based in sunny Queensland, Australia.

This is Not an Egg.

My latest picture book with Laura is not a story about an egg. It is a tale about imagination, and friendship, and the magic that can occur when the two combine. Read more about This is Not an Egg.

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