The marvellous manner of water.

Water is the stuff of life, none of us would be here without it. But what can we learn from it? Take a plunge into the big blue, to discover the life lessons water has to teach you.

The Marvellous Manner of Water explores our connection to water, its molecular make-up and its spacey beginnings. The book describes the affect water has on our lives through the water cycle, erosion, and the water inside our bodies. There are also two pages dedicated to dinosaur pee.

Prehistoric pee-pee aside, this book is ultimately about our relationship with water – and how a better understanding of water can give us a better understanding of life.

The Marvellous Manner of Water is published in Australia by Scholastic Australia (August 2022), in China by Popular Science Press, in Brazil by Brinque Books, in Taiwan by San Min Book Co, in Portugal by Editoria BookSmile, and in Italy by Nomos Edizioni.

The Wonderful Wisdom of Ants and The Gentle Genius of Trees are also available.

The Marvellous Manner of Water was listed as a Notable Book by the Children’s Book Council of Australia in 2023.

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