You, me, this screen, your breakfast… we’re all made from tiny particles, stuff that has been around since the beginning of time. We’re only borrowing these particles from the enormous universe that made them. Once we’re done with them, the bits that make us will go on to lead many new existences on Earth, and beyond.

Sandcastle is an attempt to interpret and explain the infinite cycle of impermanence that we’re all a part of. A gentle exploration of the ebb and flow of life, this is a story for anyone who likes to spend a day at the beach, and for everyone who has ever pondered the big questions about our place in the universe.

Rae and Grandad set out to build a sandcastle. They make a tall tower. They raise great ramparts. They dig a deep moat. They even find a dragon. But will it be enough to hold the tide…?

Sandcastle is published in Australia and the UK by Allen & Unwin.

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