Cats say nau. & Dogs say bau.

When an animal makes its call, we all hear exactly the same noise … but depending on the language you speak, the way you translate that noise varies quite a lot! So where in the world do cats say ‘nau’? Or cows say ‘boe’? Or birds say ‘pee pee’?  My first board books are an onomatopoeic adventure around the world of familiar (and not so familiar) animal sounds.

Onomatopoeia is one of the great joys of language. No matter which language you speak – or where you are in the world – translating noises into mimicked words is a gateway to a life-long love of language (and silliness).

Cats Say Nau and Dogs Say Bau are published in Australia by Hardie Grant (Apr 2020), and in the UK by Red Shed Egmont.

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