Framed signed Two Pokes print | Philip Bunting

I’m opening up the tiniest of shops, stocking three kinds of framed print: MopokeTwo pokes; and Mo’ pokes.

Each print is signed, numbered and limited to an edition of 100. All prints are framed in 100% reclaimed Australian hardwood. I choose to frame my prints in Mulbury frames for two reasons:

1. Because Mulbury are dedicated to leaving the planet in better shape than they found it. Mulbury reclaim and recycle local eucalyptus timbers to create picture frames, and in doing so save literally tonnes of timber from landfill each year. Their hand-made recycled timber picture frames are made from 100% post consumer waste.

2. Because I know mopoke would approve of the choice of hardwood.

We all have an obligation to remain conscious of our consumption habits, and a responsibility to act in the best interests of our planet. Mulbury are a good example of an Australian company doing their little bit, and doing it beautifully.

This is a Christmas beetle. Anoplognathus prasinus. These little beasties turn up when the heat turns up in Australia, typically in mid-to-late-December (hence the name). This one just flew through my window, smashed into the monitor three times, tried to eat my Muuto lamp, then finally settled on the desk.

Either Christmas has come early, or things are heating up sooner this year (it’s still November).