Philip Bunting 2018

About Philip Bunting.

Philip Bunting is an author, illustrator, and father of three, based in the Noosa hinterland (Queensland, Australia)

I love books, especially picture books. I love making them, and I love reading them. I believe that good books help you to see the world as it is – rather than how you are – and that reading heaps of good books will help you make the most of your time on Earth.

In my very humble opinion, the best picture books are those that encourage dialogic reading – those that encourage the reader and child to ask questions, chat, laugh, be silly, be serious, think, and interact throughout the book reading are always the most successful in our house.

Picture books are one of the strongest connective tissues of our family’s relationship. The good ones can be funny or poignant, fast or slow … but the best picture books always provide a platform for that magical inter-generational conversation.

With this quality at the core of the book reading experience, it is my strong belief that children will begin to develop a love of books. This will soon translate to a love of learning, which will ultimately contribute to a brighter future for our world.

The picture books I make are a direct product of this philosophy. By creating good picture books, I hope to encourage more parents and carers to read with (not to) their children, and do my bit for the good of future generations, and their planet.

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Acknowledgement of Country
I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which I live and work, and pay respects to the Gubbi Gubbi nation. I pay respects to the Elders of the community and extend my recognition to their descendants.

My books.

Another Book About Bears by Laura Bunting & Philip Bunting | Book cover
Koalas Eat Gum Leaves by Laura Bunting & Philip Bunting | Book cover
How Did I Get Here? by Philip Bunting | Book cover
Mopoke by Philip Bunting | Book cover
Sandcastle by Philip Bunting | Book cover
Kookaburras Love to Laugh by Laura Bunting & Philip Bunting | Book cover